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EU#3 Rule changes effective 14/09/2015


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The changes are highlighted in orange. These rules are effective immediately.


If you would like to see the properly formatted list please check the links at the bottom. The forums wouldn't allow me to format it correctly. Sorry for the big blocks :(

  1. Do not teamkill. This one shouldn’t even be here… ANY type of on purpose teamkilling will not be accepted. IE: Revenge killing, executions, dicking around. Wrongfully using medical supplies IE. Injecting someone with any sort of drug without a medical need is not permitted.

  2. Do not dare/antagonize someone to teamkill, and/or create a situation where teamkilling is very likely to happen. (capturing an enemy vehicle and failing to properly notifying your team)

  3. Listen to the Chain of Command.

  4. Do not type over side chat, global or command.(Unless in an emergency *This does not include questions*). On game nights, if you do this too often, this may result in a kick. X User on side: “Sorry for breaking rule 4. But where is the arsenal box” Is not an emergency. Please use group chat.

  5. Do not discharge any of your weapons in base on purpose! This includes launchers with their back blast.

  6. Pilots should not get into jets/helicopters unless told to by Command elements. With the priority being set to transport. This also includes Angel (Which is not a transport helicopter). With no more than 1 pilot for every 8 ground troops.

  7. Do not use 2 seater aircraft when alone. This means no flying CAS Helicopters solo.

  8. CAS  pilots(Helicopter/Jet) and Tank Crews should be on standby in a safe orbit over/around the AO unless instructed otherwise by command element(Not Squad Leaders). CAS standby and not fire unless told to by command. Tank crews and Air crews  are not permitted to go free for all on AOs.  

  9. Firing 20mm or 30mm cannon can cause server lag issues, so please use them with discretion.

  10. If you select a role, please play that role. *Please check the useful links section at the bottom for a list of what each role should be using.* By this we mean: We do not want to see a medic with a DMR and/or AT Launcher.  We also expect you to play as the faction you are. BLUFOR faction gear with BLUFOR and OPFOR with OPFOR. OPFOR does not use AR type weaponry (m4 based weapons) and they do not use MTP/Multicam, DPM or any other NATO used camouflaged clothing. This rule also covers the amount of  gear you carry. Anymore than 20 mags is NOT acceptable as you will run out of stamina fairly quickly and endanger the team when you are stationary in a open field.

  11. The first medic on a scene decides how to treat a patient. Do not run up to a patient and start doing medical stuff without asking the on scene medic first or your squad medic for help first.

  12. Radios are not for chit-chat. Please keep radio chatter to a minimum. If you have to talk do it LOCALLY.

  13. The motor pool and spawn area is not for helicopters or jets. Do not land them there. Use the helicopter staging areas. When no helipad is available, land outside base in a safe area. On Panthera and Fallujah please use the taxi-ways and power down once landed to cause as little noise disruption as possible. Landing next to the arsenal box is not acceptable in any circumstance.

  14. It is not acceptable to arrest (handcuff) anyone for any reason. If you wish to AFK disconnect or return to base. Respawn if you have to. Cuffs will not be used to drag you around.

  15. Please do not nag moderators/admins or command if you can use CAS. This will only annoy them. Ask once and only once. This also includes the spawning of vehicles. We will not spawn vehicles on demand.

  16. English only over Radio Comms please. We are an European based community however we ask that users speak English when around others. You’re more than welcome to talk your own language in a private channel or direct chat when not around others.

  17. You must be on teamspeak (ts.ahoyworld.co.uk) to play on EU#3.




CHANGED: Rule 4 - Now includes all the global text channels. Also added the most common type of rule breaking that occurs.

CHANGED: Rule 6 - Far to many pilots for the amount of users.

CHANGED: Rule 8 - Adjusted to include tank crews.

CHANGED: Rule 10 - Adjusted for Rayak gameplay and explained more in-depth.

CHANGED: Rule 11 - Small adjustment for communicating with squad medic.

CHANGED: Rule 13 - Adjusted for Fallujah and Panthera.

CHANGED: Rule 14 - For AFK people.

ADDED: Rule 15 - Added due to the amount of times this happens

ADDED: Rule 1a - Sub-category of teamkilling. Advanced medical system requires this rule.

ADDED: Rule 8a - Happened a couple of times. Ruins the experience. Now made clear.

ADDED: Rule 16 - Occurring more recently.



Medic Guide - http://www.ahoyworld.co.uk/topic/4074-how-to-ace3-medic/

Play Your Roles - http://www.ahoyworld.co.uk/topic/3877-play-your-roles/

Operation Gauntlet Feedback - http://www.ahoyworld.co.uk/topic/3704-operation-gauntlet-feedback-thread/

The Basics Guide to EU3 - http://www.ahoyworld.co.uk/topic/3669-how-to-eu3-the-basic-guides/

Original Document Format - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1a88yZIcbUvq0gWA5bYk5jlG9I46BpSdKors3x0NgbxE/edit?usp=sharing

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