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(EU#3) Making the switch from AiA terrain pack to CUP Terrain pack

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As the title suggests, we are going to switch to a new Terrain pack. CUP terrain pack is the successor of the AiA TP, and features a variety of imported updates such as:


- Modular setup, data pack and individual maps

- Correct sea levels
- Ponds
- better shadows
- Trees and bushes should no longer be see through for AI
- Better terrain textures on ArmA 1 maps
- More enter-able buildings in the Chernarus area (not on this release)

And more

The reason I make this post is because there is no "lite" version of the mod. This means the compressed download which includes all the maps AiA TP has, is 7.5GB big. Now we won't use all the maps, but the uncompressed files on the repository will be more that the compressed download, due to the data pack alone being 6.5GB. 


My recommendation is to download the mod separately, so you will have all the maps(just in case). And you can start now, instead of waiting for the repository update. (For Those with slow internet)


EDIT: The switch has been made, the server is now running CUP Terrains and the repository has all the needed files.



Download link

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