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Test feature coming to gauntlet with the next release(.30)

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So seeing as we don't have enough players to run a full logistical team i made this first draft of a deployable  FOB.

This can\will serve as CMD and Angels forward operating base as the truck,when deployed will get a 5times boost to the radio range, a field hospital(medic tent) and a crate with the regular supplies.


How it works current is: ground has to be fairly flat, you cant deploy it while moving (duuuh =P ).


Basically you go from this:




To this:



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I suggest it be put under command of the platoon medic.

Surely it would be up to the discretion of the person in charge, considering that it's an FOB and not just a medical tent? If we are talking medical, then it should be an Angel asset, if anything.

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