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Pilot Whitelisting/Base Defense question

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New Forum User,  Mission Creator/Editor in Training (well if you call looking at tons of examples training...)

Appreciate the work yall have done with this.  I love this format and am wanting to do a personalized version with some minor changes


I was digging thru the files trying to learn more about how the I&A is setup an found the pilot whitelisting section.

Is it my understanding that this is simply the players profile id correct?  If so, then manually adding my own id ["PID"];  should work right?

I removed all of the Ahoyworlds folks out and mirrored the format with my own id and tested it and it kicked me back out with the... get lost scrub message.


Is there another validation script thats in play here for this?  Or something else i didnt consider about the script itself?



Also, i see there is a base defense script in the package but its been my experience after leaving the mission running for a bit that the enemy jets eventually find they way over to the base and just keep wrecking it.  I see the Base defense area on the map and the scripts in play but have never seen the jets be addressed by this script.  Is it possible that its currently not working?  In the interim, ive placed some AA statics around to help deal with it for now,  but I was constantly finding the pilot spawn hangar destroyed and all of the helo's wrecked enough to not fly without repair. 







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Not to sure about the pilot white list, Baconmop or Christiansen might be able to shed light on it haven't touched Arma sqf in over a year so need to do some refreshing ;)

As for base defense this is manually triggered, there are 2x laptop's at spawn one for base clean up the other activates base defense on a timer, so when you get notified that enemy air are inbound players at base can run the the laptop and activate the anti-air

Hope that helps for now

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Would appreciate it :) 


On a alternative note,  Ive not looked into the possibility of this yet, but do you think it would be possible to add a Pilot that only certain people could log into if the whitelist turns out to not work?


This way i could create a new squad specifically for a few friends with specific roles they like to play.


Thanks Again


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Shesh...  Im an idiot for missing that.  :(  It even said to remove the comment.  I guess my failure was not knowing what this scripts commenting system was.


Thanks Baconmop.  Will tinker some more and try again. :)


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