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Hi Inhaled, I'll try to get through all the questions you've put forward.


Firstly, we don't have any prerequisites for becoming an admin, however at the same time we don't have any sort of application process. We monitor the community, and any people who we feel have participated in AW to a level where they can be trusted in joining our team, we invite them to join. We heavily encourage participation in both the forum, our multiple Arma servers, game-nights, etc.


Administrators are considered as staff members, but we also have staff that have been a part of the community for a long time and have put significant efforts in improving and developing all things AW, which we designate as 'core staff'.


As for access to Zeus, we term these users 'Spartans'. We do not explicitly consider them as AW staff, but more as the middle ground between our normal playerbase and the staff; helping lift some of the load off the admins' shoulders and at the same time developing tighter ties with the community.

Again, the same process for adminship applies to becoming a Spartan, its invite-only, on the basis of how much you are involved and how much we feel a person can be trusted.


Its nice to see that you have an interest, at least. Our recommendation, should you really do want to get heavily involved in AW, is to get involved in the community, have a presence on the forums, attend game nights, be vigilant and patient in reporting issues and errors to staff, etc. Whilst we cannot promise that this will guarantee you a place among our staff, it will definitely improve your chances.


Hope that clears things up.

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There is also our Field Ambassadors (green flag) in TS, these are a chosen base of our users that we see represent the direction we are going and would like majority of our users to go, it's sort of a stepping stone to being added to the Spartans program and further into the bowls of this beast of a community, the FA tag is difficult award to achieve but very easily lost,

Great to see interest in our community hope your interest remains sparked

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Thank you very much for the response, I live in Canada (Mountain Time) so for me to attend "Gamenights" is a bit hard.  +1

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