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Project Cars Summer League Race 3 Results


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Well I won this one too :P More out of luck than anything else though.
The results were:

1st MuckDuck
2nd Danny (fastest lap)
3rd El-Patat
4th obijohn_989
5th Josh
6th Dingo
7th Noddy_989
8th Duffyman
I started from 2nd but got a good start off the line and quickly found 1st place, Danny started 1st but dropped to 3rd just off the line. While making his way through the pack Danny was crashed into and ended up at the back of the pack, he then spent the next 6 laps getting back into 2nd but couldn't catch me in the end. Not really eventful from my perspective but here's a video of it anyway:



To view current standings and league information click here: http://www.ahoyworld.co.uk/projectcars.html'>http://www.ahoyworld.co.uk/projectcars.html alternatively hover over the events tab at the top and click Project Cars.

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