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Ingame Name*: Lovick         Player ID:76561198070900836


Why do you think you were banned?:Threw 2 Smoke Grenades after mission completion when there was already smoke deployed      


Why (in your personal opinion) should your ban be lifted?*: I believe My ban should be Lifted as i have been a Member of ahoy world for near on Two years now and i have always been a player who plays by the rules and i just recently started playing EU#3 again after a break and when our team finished the operation we were waiting on a heli pickup and people started popping smoke to signal the helicopter, so i threw two and about 5 seconds later i was banned. I can understand why i got banned But i was hoping for a second chance As i like to play realistically on EU#3, thank you. 


Which administrator banned you (ArmA 3 only)?:Ingame Name*: xOderusUrungusX


When were you banned?*: Today 26/7/15 at 19:00pm


Thank you for taking the time to Read this and it will not happen again. Lovick


Ps. I had to make a new account as i lost the password to my other one and it was registered to an old email, That account was called: Charlie Lovick 

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