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Eu3 Gamenight Sign up?

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Hi guys, I'm currently contracted to work till 3:30 GMT+1 every Saturday afternoon for the next coming months, and gamenight is usually scheduled for 4:30 GMT+1 is i remember correctly, which I can usually make if everything goes well after work. It's usually 50/50 if I can make the start in time. I'm just wondering if it's worth me signing up to the upcoming gamenights, or just to wait out and ask on teamspeak to fill slots where people have failed to turn up. 


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its always better to sign up, as it will ensure that you are first in line for anny open slots should you still be to late to be one of the 36 first regestrations. However since we more often then not have people who dont show up, you have got a relative good chance if its not to buisy to get a free slot if you show up on TS at the given time.


If you do sign up, and you cant make it, it is common curtesy to post again to say you wont be there.

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