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Hey everyone, I've realised that I never really introduced myself onto this forum, I've used it and tracked it a lot but not actually posted nor introduced myself on it so here I am.

My name is Leo Banks, I go by the moniker CSgtL.Banks when i'm on Arma. 

Why CSgt?

It stands for Colour Sergeant a term used by certain regiments in the British Army, such as "The Rifles". Back in the day my cadet contingent was sponsored by said regiment and as such we adopted their standards, thus once I was promoted beyond sergeant, I became the 'Colour Sergeant' of the Company, and if we had had a flag regularly flying during our weekly form-up I would have been the once bearing it, bearing the colours. Hence 'Colour Sergeant.'

You'll normally find me on Teamspeak  performing one of the following roles when on EU#1 or EU#2;

Pilot - Mohawk for low level evasion.
Engineer/repair specialist - Tanks and Repairs
AT - Gotta love them Missiles.

I'm normally recognisable in any role, using a Black Beret, and CTRG uniform with an RPG tube on my back. (unless I have a more sophisticated launcher available)

I'd be very interested in becoming an admin on EU1,2 and 4 since I have long term experience in that regard and an ability to get the balance of things right. Zeus is a good tool if used RIGHT. Otherwise it becomes an overbearing god-complex tool.

Peace out guys and see you at Evac.


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