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'Sup everyone;


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Hey, I recently joined up, thought I'd say hello and what-not!
My alias is Xitenic, "Zit-enic" is how I pronounce it, though, "Xee-tenic" also works, so does Xit, Xin, Xi, X... In-fact, you can call me whatever you want me to be. (Giggity).

Jokes aside, I'm both an Arma and Minecraft player, though, at the time of writing this, I'm more of an Arma playing, most efficient at being a medic, or in a gunner seat of helicopters (Blackfoot, especially).

Other games I play are typically team-based orientated, such as Payday 2, DotA 2, and Space Engineers.


Welp, I believe that's all from me. Looking forward to meeting ya'll.

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Welcome to the forums!


Thank you! Happy to be here!


welcome to ahoy. Just incase you dont know, if teamplay is what you want, check out the EU3 modded server.



On this server teamplay is the main goal. Alongside achieving the objective ofcourse :D


Interesting. I've seen the server, but I've not really considered it; I'll look into it and such. Thank you for letting me know.

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