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What mods are allowed to use on this server?


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LAxemann's Enhanced Soundscape - Just watch the video, it will be worth it.


JSRS Dragonfyre (Lite) - Newer(and better) sound mod than JSRS 2.2. Even More recommend for a very immerse game-play experience.


Speed Of Sound - Enhanced sounds and audio.


I see these three are all for better sound effects. I can use all three at once without fearing it will interfer with one another?

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Well, DragonFyre(lite) is pretty "old" and probably incomplatible with the current game version. Same with the Speed Of Sound, pretty old version of the mod, does generate some client-side errors.


For now, I would stick only the Laxemanns sound mod (the only one up-to-date).



EDIT: moved to Arma discussion thread

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