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Penti signing in....


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Hey all,


I'm Neil aka Penti, and I thought that as I've joined this community recently I should intro myself a little:)


I'm probably going to be one of the older players here (44 in August, someone please say they are older.....) but what I lack in youth I hope I'll more than make up for in wisdom? Been a gamer of one description or another since before most of you were even a twinkle in your daddy's eye ;)   Mostly play rpg and simulation stuff now as the reflexes arent what they used to be. Play a bit of SWTOR, SWGEMU and Elite:Dangerous but my focus is on Arma 3 currently, as I've been completely hooked since I got it!!


I'm here because I saw Luetin's "Operation Azure Island" video and knew I had to get involved, I guess this is the game format I've been seeking for a long time and as I can no longer keep up with the youngsters in paintball and airsoft it's time to become a Chairborne Ranger.


I've already jumped onto EU1 a couple of times and had a real blast and I hope to get a lot more trigger-time in as the summer progresses.


Oh, and about the age thing..... I think it was best summed up in the film "We Were Soldiers". I believe the line from Sgt-Major Plumley was "If any of you sons of bitches calls me grandpa, I'll kill you."  :D

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Thanks for the welcome guys. Managed to jump onto EU2 last night and after some "learnin up" from <Andrew> and some shared loadouts I got some decent game time in, including a 28 kill streak whilst all alone, sat bang on the mission marker!!  To say I was buzzing would be an understatement, and not bad for only my 3rd session?


Truly glad I found this game AND community. I can see myself being here for quite some time!!

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