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Project Cars Summer League Race 1 Results


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A summary of the race results and points for people who might be interested and/or didn't get to note them down after the race.


1st:   Danny|S - 25 points

2nd:  xOderusUrungusX - 18 points

3rd:   Josh - 15 points

4th:   Dingo - 12 points

5th:   obijohn_989 - 10 points

6th:   razgriz33 - 8 points

7th:   Muckduck - 6 points ಢ_ಥ

8th:   Duffyman - 4 points

9th:   Hoax - 2 points

10th: Christiansen - 1 point


Fastest Lap: Danny|S - 5 points



Next race will be Sunday July 19th and we will be in Germany at the Hockenheim GP Circuit! See you there!

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I appear to be missing a crying emoticon, if we had one, I'd be posting it.


Awesome race up to the end of lap 4, missed braking zone and missed P1 (oderus) by what could only be measured by a micrometer. Pitted in cause fuck it mediums will last from here, they dropped off at lap 9 and I dropped from 4th down to 7th due to constant loss of control with the back of the car as it would spin round even when I wasn't putting any power down.


Moral of the story, don't miss the damn braking zone.

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Haha yeah I still don't know how you missed him! As for the tyres I don't know what the F*** was going on... My softs lasted until lap 9 and even then I only went into the pits because my fuel was getting low, mediums then had already started going off by lap 11... da fuq??


But on the whole I loved it! Great race pretty much throughout between me and Oderus and the first 4 laps with you close behind Dave were great! Looking forward to the next one!

Also, I'm going to try experiment with streaming without going over the throttle threshold that VM sets, won't be great quality but better than nothing!

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Turns out turning up without practicing, reading the rules or having ever driven your car before is not the way forwards.  That said I enjoyed my battle with Chris until the gaming gods struck him down.


I'll be missing the next round but should be there for Watkins Glen, going to get some solid practice in in the meantime and hopefully be more competitive.

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