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Hello, I am Cipher.


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I have previously been playing in the ArmA 3 AW server but I haven't yet introduces myself and made an account.

So I am Cipher, and I am well known as ZeroDark30 and Lolprogamer01 before I have known AW. I live and born in Indonesia. Right now, I am just a regular high school student. I have most of my interest on tactical shooter games, flight games and MMORPG type of games. By my nickname, and all of my IGN, you know that it was taken from movies and video game character. I am currently like to play ArmA 3 and Elsword Indonesia. Oh yeah, I am playing on a potato machine btw.

I guess that is all and keep hunting those CSAT.

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Welcome to the forums if you haven't already given the Eu3 server a go heres a link to download the mods it's a lot more tactical ;)


It's fairly easy to download if you have any problems the guys on TS should be able to help you get sorted.



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