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Cpl. Jimby Unban appeal

Cpl. Jimby

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Ingame Name*: Cpl. Jimby

Why do you think you were banned?: I was banned because I team killed 2 time (which I am very sorry for) and because core staff got complainants about me


Why (in your personal opinion) should your ban be lifted?*: I think my ban should be lifted because I have had time to think about what I have done and reflect on it, and because I think that my ban was influenced by reports about how I talk to other players which I believe is only a small amount of players and i think i get on will alot of people on the arma servers.


I do apologies about team killing and I know i can be a bit a pain some times so all I'm asking for is to be able be apart of the Ahoy World arma 3 community again.


But I do ask that complaints made by a small amount of people get the chance to talk to the people they are complaining about so that they can suggest on ways to help others to not make as many enemmys in the community. as i know that would help me and it might help alot of other players


Which administrator banned you (ArmA 3 only)?: Raz


When were you banned?*: 04/07/15


Thank you for reading


Cpl. Jimby

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