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problem with my TFR user config

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Hey guys!


I am having a problem with my EU3 modded respiratory. When trying to launch the game I am getting a error saying


"Include File userconfig\tast_force_radio\radio_settings.hpp not found."


Does anyone have any ideas? And this started happening yesterday.



Thanks in advance.


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Did you copy the file within the @task_force_radio/store/userconfig.tar to ArmA's userconfig folder?

Also make sure you copy the files within the @task_force_radio/plugins folder in the respective plugins folder of Teamspeak itself.

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When downloading the files from the AW repository, the Userconfig files don't get copied.


There might be a better way to solve it, but I fixed it on my end by googleing Task Force Radio, downloading the most recent version (134 MBs), and then extracting the Userconfig files from that.


Simple process, easy to do, though if anyone know of a way to only get the Userconfig files and not the entire mod package, do feel free to chime in :)





Just in case you need a step-by-step:




Download the most recent version.


Locate the Userconfig folder inside it, which should house the infamous radio_settings.hpp


Copy the .hpp into your Steam\SteamApps\Common\Arma 3\Userconfig folder


Boot up the game

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