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How do I reduce time between side missions?


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I've been looking around the mod files to adjust the time delay between side-missions on my server and I can't seem to find the values to change.

My server is fairly low activity, so doing the side-missions as smaller groups is normally what we end up doing. It sucks to wait 15~ minutes for side missions to respawn. I'd like to make it so that side missions respawn every 5~ minutes or so.


Any help is appreciated and thanks in advance!

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Hmm, I set that to 120  + (random 180) for a maximum of 5 minutes and it didn't seem to take effect. What is the _loop(something) value for in that file?


On the topic of time, what determines how long it will be before a side-mission objective detonates after planting charges on it?

Ex: Radar, Smuggled Explosives, and Secure Chopper side missions require you to interact with an object which results in you setting a charge and having X time to get away before it explodes.

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