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D.Devil is an ostrich?


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Somehow during a crashlanding I had twisted my spine on about 6 different places. I was unable to look up and use my weapon properly, when prone my head was under the ground. I think deep down, I may be an ostrich..    :huh: or I broke the game.   :ph34r:  Here's the result and no, I haven't used any of the stances;











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ACE feature or bug?

Could be either 1. I really have no clue how I managed to get into this position. A BTR shot my Pawnee out of the air and I was able to crashland it, passed out on impact but was back up on my feet in a matter of seconds and found myself with a twisted spine. I've never seen such a position in Arma 3, you tell me if its an actual fracture you can get from ACE or just a bug. :P



Precaution for alt+tabbing back in the game and not killing everyone around you is my guess.

I wasn't even capable of killing a damn rabbit. xD The weapon was aimed down the entire time and couldn't move it back up in the direction I would have wanted to so I had not to worry about killing people around me by alt tabbing hahah.

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I would like to point out that these screenshots wouldn't have been possible without the greatest rescue mission organized my me and Coleminer  :D  :D

This may slighty be true, just a tiny slightly bit.. I was fine.  -_-

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