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Hello I 'm Ted


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Hello my name is Ted and I'm from the United States and im 18 years old and little know my name on steam is DogMaster15 for a very special reason because I own 7 dogs 4 German Shepherds, 2 Chocolate Labs, 1 Chihuahua. My games I play are ww2, Total war games and all Arma games and of course DayZ Standalone.  I plan on going to Europe sometime in the future to get experience some in foods because I will be majoring in Culinary Arts in the Summer of 2016. I am a responsible & Honest & Trusted to all members of the community's I have been part of. Also I am known sometimes as this guy below because I sort of look like him. So that's all about me and thank you for letting me join this wonderful Community  


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Sounds like you'll fit in fine, we have a lesser known mascot of a cat "Danne's Cat" perhaps we could find one in your fine selection of pooches.


Welcome to the forums, I'm sure there are a few that have an interest in total war, i was actually wondering which one to buy. haven't gotten one since medieval 2 total war. Rome total war was fantastic.

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