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[HELP] Trailer Cargoes

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I`ve decided to create custom standalone trailer(s) with Ahoy skin(s), but I need your help.


I would love to get suggestions what type of cargo would you like to haul around.


Current list (to be filled):

Ahoy Coins

Frozen Core-Stuffing

Packed Spartans

Body Bags

I&A Retail DVD's
Recycled Spam, Noobs

Printed books "What is a SQF-file for Noobs"

Pallets of Shift-Delete Tools - David Edition

Rejected Ban-appeals

Shredded forum posts

Admin password reset kits

EU1 Posters

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Updated cargo list

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Hm..........I am planning to have Profiliner and Cooliner trailer for now, until I figure out how to do custom ones. Oh, I can also do the Cisterns (haven`t tried yet though).


If you meant having own custom trailers, like new models, I might not be able to do that for some time.

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