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Unable to accept squad invites

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The last few days i have been unable to accept squad invites .


I have been informed that it is "U" key   /  scroll .


however this does nothing for me.  


It did work fine when it was  "T " key 


Is there a way to put this right 




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Whenever you get an invite, you should hold U for about two to three seconds after which you will join the squad. Best way to check this is by just pressing U so the squad overview opens.


Try holding the U-key; if you still encounter the problem, just reply back here.

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You got 2 squad managers available. The one on T should still be there (external script), but BIs Squad Managment has been implemented (available through U).


Make sure where are people inviting you ;)

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Still not working 


am i missing a mod  ?????


Arma  3






      DLC Bundle

      @ CBA



This is what i currently run with 



Make sure there are people inviting you  ;) <------------I will of course bare this in mind also ;)  


thanks for your replies lads.

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