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I might know a few of you from EU1 and TS (Josh). I recently ventured into modding Arma 3 and I love it. I love having real weapons (M4, AK etc)  instead of futuristic made up stuff. Amentes helped me with the installation of mods so I could go onto EU3 but I'v had no enjoyment so far.


What I would like to ask is if it possible to have an I&A server on Altis or Chernarus with the mods of EU3, but without it being as serious as EU3, because I feel that EU1&2 are very laid back if I want to fly some real helos for a few hours or do some missions with real weapons without the server being completely vacant like EU3.


I'd like to hear what others think too, thanks for reading :)

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If your not having fun on the EU #3 server your probably not giving it enough time. The rules in place like don't use side chat and don't kill each-other make perfect sense. Following the chain of command makes for fun enjoyable and cohesive game play such as is not found on vanilla servers. What you have to understand is everything about EU #3 is based around working as a team, and not doing that removes the element of fun.


As for playing your role, that's nothing bad either as it allows for dynamic game play for example: "your stuck in your current position with hostile infantry advancing, several BMP's have your position locked down so you cant move away or even move to eliminate the EI and unfortunately, your AT was the first to go down. It is now up to your commanding officer to find a way out of the situation, else everyone will die." This isn't bad because it allows for great and intense game play, instead of a guy with an alamut, LMG and loads of medkits rolling up in a tank and destroying anything, in other words, it gives EVERY PLAYER a purpose.


*side note, if you come on in the evening (I'm speaking GMT) you'll often find up to 20 players, and more like 30 for a game night event.


If you wanna run around with real weapons and mindlessly kill people go play arma 2, or the arma 3 wasteland mod.


Sorry for the long post I just felt the need to defend my favourite server ever.


K fanks bai!

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It was the complete reverse to me, I must have spent hundreds of hours into EU 1 and 2 but the fun only lasts so long in the EU3 it had everything I wanted it to have and more and I gotta say its hard to go back to normal servers since modded is so much fun and you meet great players that make it fun

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