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Haven't properly introduced myself, yet


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Hey there fellow gamers of AW!


As some of you may know my ingame name is D.Devil, actual name is Dennis that's 1 of the reasons of the "D." in my name but I'll get back to this part in a moment. I live in the Northern part of the Netherlands and I'm 23 years old. Currently unemployed as my contract expired a couple weeks ago so I'm a full-time AW gamer, for now. :P Some of you been asking where my name came from and if I'm a believer of Satan and see the Devil as my god or some shit, no; the answer is no, far from it hahah..- I started using the name on games a couple years ago when I was called "The Devil" in some games and in real life people were calling my Denny the Devil as well, maybe cause of my humor? Not sure, lol. It sort of became my nickname and I started to like it more and more and began using it in games as my name.


As I said before the "D." stands for Dennis, my real life name and also as "the", get it? "D - The", "The Devil" and "Dennis Devil" heheh. I've been playing on the AW EU1 server for about a month now, some of you may have seen me before either on TS3 or ingame. I really appreciate the help and support I got when I first started playing on your server as I was completely new to this concept. Have always been playing some Wasteland, Overpoch and Altis Life server, kinda am to be honest but not as much anymore. So far I've seen great people in this community, I really hope I'll get to know some of you guys a little better and get more involved in this great community.


Well that's it then, you now know a little more about me and will see you in the battlefield!

- D.Devil

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