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VON - fixing bugged channels

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Stumbled across this script on Armaholic and BI forums.


A3 Voice Control


A couple of features:

  • Voice communication (over VON) is blocked in certain (pre defined) channels.
  • Players can still use those channels to write text (warn their team, contact an admin, etc).
  • Admins (defined in a separate file) can always talk in Global/Sidechannel.
  • The script also recognizes if a client logs in as admin (#login xyz) or logs out (#logout), and grants/revokes him the rights to talk.
  • You can define different channel presets for "regular players", "group leaders" and "administrators" (see the readme file for more details).
  • If a group leader takes place in a commander seat of a vehicle, he gets access to the Command Channel (if he leaves this seat, the channel gets disabled again).
  • Disabled channels (via disableChannels setting in description.ext) are overwritten by this script, so admins can talk/write in global, even if this channel is disabled!


It was released yesterday, after the update, so I guess it should be working.


Just an idea, lets see what Bacon thinks about this.

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