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Introducing myself to the AhoyWorld commmunity


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Hello there, 


My name is MildlyMenacingMeem but you can call me Triple 'M'. Ive been a huge sucker for simulators. Especially the ArmA series, dated back to Cold War Assault and ArmA 2 i finally got my hands on ArmA 3 back in December 2014 and ive played it alot. Not just the single player but also other multiplayer gamemodes such as King of the HIll, Altis Life, Battle Royale and ive finally halted on AhoyWorld's Invade & Annex servers. I play it maybe a little bit too much but one thing is for sure is that I love it. I also play strategy games such as Company of Heroes, Starcraft 2, Navy Field 1 & 2 and the king of turn based strategy games: Civilization 5. 


My real life consists merely of school, playing video games w/ my friends and listening on metal, there is really not much to say about it since I spend more of my time on the computer than doing anything else in particular. Most of the time i'm happy and kind to others but i can be a huge whiner sometimes. I don't have any trouble hearing its more of my brain decieving me sometimes. For example, yesterday I played the modded server and I fucked up because I heard "Keep on the road" but my brain perceived it as the guy on the radio saying "keep off the road" so the fiasko that happened yesterday was a misunderstandment but shit happens and quite frankly its not a big deal but enough of what happened yesterday.


I am looking forward to see how this community grows because i want to take part of it.


Keep yourselves safe out there o7


/Triple M


PS: the picture is not my face, just some random YouTuber's

PPS: also, its not copyrighted


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