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Bug Report - I&A Stratis - UGV Operator

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It was pointed out to me by a member of public that the Mortar Spotter (UGV Op) can`t use the terminal due to the gear script removing it.


I`ve tested it myself as well and have to confirm it is true.


It`s possible the unit classname is wrong in the script or something similar.

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From the mission.sqm the mortar spotter is of class "B_support_AMort_F".


In the scripts/restrictions.sqf:21

_uavOperator = ["B_soldier_UAV_F","B_officer_F"];
 could be:
_uavOperator = ["B_support_AMort_F"];


Or change the class in mission.sqm. I've not tested it.


Edit: I did test it. Not only the UGV will be available but also the AR-2 darter. Not sure if that is intended,

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