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Pilots out there, do you think you could do this?

Mr Bowie

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Yep, you find the window where the sea just about calms down and the ship levels out.


It reminds me of the largest pipe-laying and drilling-platform decomissioning vessel I've visited last week. It's called the Pioneering Spirit (formerly Pieter Schelte). To safely remove the top of the drilling platform they have to raise it 2 meters. This all happens in a timespan of 20 seconds using 8 giant cyclinders and by emptying some quick flood balast tanks. 20 seconds is about the time of a wave rolling through and effecting the ship. You don't want a couple of hundres of tonnes come crashing down on the jacket structure underneath.


Technology is cool  :wub:

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Hoax, I don't know what's better the flying or the music. Okay I do know it's the music, I need this this to be the soundtrack of my life. Flares a Bob Ross hair doo and I would be the king of South Yorkshire. 

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Get on my level


reminds me of EU1 pilots.... except i bet these guys don't crash into every power line possible

Is it even possible to set arma 3 water to behave like that, server/zeus side or with a mod? As far as I know it's always flat like a pancake

you can definitly make it rougher but not as bad as that

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