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What G Force does to you


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So today I went on the centrifuge at Farnborough and did a few runs culminating with a run at 5.2 G (even though the readout says 5!)


It really makes you think about when we're flying in our flight sims - especially DCS - and easily pulling Gs in excess of this. Admittedly this is without trousers but I was putting full effort into straining my legs and stomach (no controlled breathing yet though, need to learn that.)


All I was concentrating on was keeping conscious and not having to worry about where to manoeuvre an aircraft in order to get my next missile shot away! 


Also, I can vouch for the accuracy of the 'G effects' in DCS. My vision at the point in the photo below is pretty much the same as in the 2nd shot. You really do get tunnel vision with everything else black!




My vision at this point!



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