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ACE Easier / Better Menu Function

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I recently (as in 5 mins ago) discovered an option in the ACE options that allows you to use your cursor to select things in the menu, this means no more flailing around trying to get the right angle to give that downed guy CPR.


To use this go to ACE Options, find both "Always Display Cursor For self interaction" and "Always Display Cursor For interaction" (4th and 6th Down the list respectively) and select yes.


I find this makes it much easier to use the interaction menus, there are however some flaws in that you need to be in the right place to get all of the options on the body in the first place but I'll let you guys figure that one out.


Hope it Helps,


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I also recommend using the option 'Show interaction menu as list'. This will put all the options to 1 side of the screen, making it easier to find things and allow you to select things quicker and more efficiently without the chance of, for example, wanting to hover over the packing bandage and accidentally hitting 'tap shoulder'.





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