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MODS that work in MP

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Post your mods, that can be used in  ETS2MP
Mods that change the available trailers (plus some other cool stuff):
Instructions on how to create a Hybrid truck (parts from different brands)
Different textures for the MP-software interface:
I have heard rumors that the following SP mods work if you add them in SP, and then switch to MP:
Alternative GPS location by Hemil

Trailer Mod Pack v3.5 (Only you will see the new textures, the others will see the original textures)


Promods 1.9 maps (Never tested it myself, but i heard some people are using it on the MP server...?)




Post your own findings below, as i am looking forward to test some new stuff :)

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Top 3 definetly work, but I would be careful with the hybrid trucks, I know hybrids that me made actually are allowed, but not sure if you can create your own.


As for Hemil`s GPS, trailer mod and Promods, I wouldn`t play with that. You can crash other players (with the trailers and the map mod). If a log is sent to the devs, they will check it and if you are spotted using something not part of the game, you`ll be perma banned.

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