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Team Switch and Greyhawk help.

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Ahoy there!


I'd like to start by saying that while being a noob at this, I've already followed several guides which has enabled me to extract the PBO, set up earplugs and have them working after respawns, set up igiLoad and even move the base to a custom location!


Although these are big milestones for me and I feel pretty well achieved, there are 2 things that I really want to do but I just can't seem to get done without breaking everything.


1) I'd like the team everyone plays to be CSAT / OPFOR and the enemy AI to be NATO / BLUFOR. I've read several posts stating that it's a case of switching the wests to easts and the OPF_F to BLU_F in the sqf files and then re-placing the players in the editor as OPFOR->CSAT. The only issue I'm having is finding all of the scrips that need to be changed and the keywords that need to be changed and what to. I was wondering if there was any documentation / guides out there that I could follow to do this or if one of you kind AW members know?


2) I'd like to spawn the Greyhawks in the air, flying, and in the south west corner of the map in loiter mode. I see several servers have this and despite some expert googling, I've not been able to find how to get this done...


Any help on either issue is more than greatly appreciated!



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Someone in the past made a similar post to this in regards to switching the player faction to AAF, he ran into a problem because he forgot to change the AAF relations in the Intel menu. Control + W is the shortcut to bring that up, so don't forget to change that or some AOs might finish themselves if AAF spawn in the town whilst Blufor spawns around.

Here's the thread if you're interested

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Thank you for your reply Pancake!


This is one of the posts I have previously come accross, but ultimately not what I'm trying to achieve (play as CSAT vs NATO).


I have gone through every file this morning and changed the wests to easts, OPF_Fs to BLU_Fs.


I kept the players as NATO so I could check if the changes had worked. (Surely thy wouldn't shoot me if I was still a NATO soldier).... Unfortunately they shot me every time.... Is this right or is there a script I have missed?

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