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Soooo whats going on with Gauntlet?

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This is probably a question you yourself might have asked in the last 3-4 weeks and ill try to adress that in this post.

Dev work is not dead, I just had to take a breather as constantly working on one thing makes you grov sick after a while so I spent more time making my car ready for the summer and putting in more effort at work in  regards to overtime etc.


Current state of Gauntlet is that im waiting for 3.0.0 of ace tho there is one build using a grabbed github version tho im not too keen on putting that up as it might bring alot of broken gameplay mechanics. Also i need to get some of the functions from the mod to rewrite some of the missions that were dependent on some AGM functionality.


Else ive started revamping the base looks to look like a more permanent base(some changes where put in with .19)


All in all you guys should know that the development is not dead, just put on a slight hold until ACE3 comes out =) 





Kenny, lead coder of Gauntlet

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