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Base Safety


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Hi folks,


A few times now have there been people who were teamkilling with a vehicle by constantly driving back and forth in the spawn area.


The spawn area is surrounded by mostly large sandbags, but on 2 sides there are low concrete barriers, these are easily traversed by tracked vehicles such as the Bobcat, Mora, Slammer etc.


The same goes for the helicopter pick up zone at spawn.


I think it would help if you replace the low barriers with more sandbags, like those that are surrounding the rest of spawn already.

Simply leave some gaps in between to allow units to pass through, but prevent all vehicles from entering the spawn area.

The same could be applied to the helicopter zone, where the low barriers are often traversed by teamkillers aswell.


This would also prevent the need to step over the low barriers awkwardly every time, although it's not the main issue.


I don't know if there is a reason for the low barriers being there in the first place, but I do not see why they would have to be there.

If there would a reason for it, i'd like to hear why.









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I can tell you that the base has been rebuilt or altered in some way probably a dozen times since the beta, and the sad part is that there really is no way to prevent any of this. People always find a way to exploit the system somehow. The only way to counter it is vigilant staff members who quickly remove the troublemakers.

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There's no solid way of preventing it unless you encase the base with walls with gaps you can only walk through. I did this for a previous version of I&A but the players seemed to think it wasn't pretty enough & would rather have the ramming back. You can't win unfortunately. :(

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