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Gotta Go Fast DCS 2.0 News


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Today I received a lovely newsletter regarding the progress of DCS 2.0 and other projects.


Included was promising information of the multiplayer system changing including the ability to multicrew an aircraft. Working on the L39 themselves, DCS has has to develop the techniques for multicrew although they say it is not yet clear whether this feature will be available upon release of the Albatros.


There was also news regarding the Las Vegas map, Black Sea map and the straight of Hormuz map. They mentioned in particular they've been adding UI improvements to help transition to these maps in the editor but other than that lots of other menial stuff i doubt you guys would care about!


Combined Arms is receiving a face lift and work on the F18 has turned towards modelling air-ground radar logic. work on the spitfire is also mentioned although nothing specific.


If you want to see the full official DCS newsletter in all of it's glory just whack me an email at [email protected] and I'll reply with the newsletter.

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