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Do we have a German I can borrow for the day?


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So.. I have some amazing news. I got my first casting! (Voice Acting)

I am happy to announce that I will be featuring in 'Wunsch ans einem Stern' (Wish on a star) as Gilbert Beilschmidt. Gilbert is the main male protagonist; the current prince of Germany who must marry an heir to claim his throne. He is also the older brother of another character named Ludwig.


Absolutely over the moon!


You can stay up-to-date with 'Wunsch ans einem Stern' here via Dragon Tamer Productions: dragontamerproductions.tumblr.com/


Basically it's going to take me a month or so to prepare for the role. In that time I would love to hang out with whoever here is German so I can learn from your accent and pick up a few bits and pieces.

Anyway, let me know! Cheers :)

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Well , if you really want to!


I'm german (well half german , half english ) but I live in germany!


If you need some help I am glad to be of assistance but I am not sure how strong my accent is ( if I have one at all)

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