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How to make "View Distance Settings" available in mouse-wheel scroll options at all times?

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Would anyone be able to guide me through making the "View Distance Settings" script available in players scroll menu at all times?  Currently, in version 282D you have to visit the officer to get the option.  I added "this addAction ["View Distance Settings",TAWVD_fnc_openTAWVD,[],-98,false,false,"",''];" to each players init however i am sure there is a more efficient way to do this.


thanks so,



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This is the script used: TAW Viewdistance Script


I`m not really sure how its done on I&A (action only on the VAS guy), but if the devs don`t answer until tomorrow, I`ll look into it.



Thanks Pero-  I'll check this out.  If you have any time to look at it thatd be awesome.  As mentioned if i add "this addAction ["View Distance Settings",TAWVD_fnc_openTAWVD,[],-98,false,false,"",''];" to the players init within the editor it works great.  but i figure there is a way to apply it to the intiplayerlocal file so i dont have to go and modify 60 players init section.



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By default, the script should be distributed to all clients, at all the time. I have no idea if Devs modified it in any way.


EDIT: it seems that the actual script was slightly modified. They removed the code that adds the action locally (on each client). What you should try:


  1. backup your current version of I&A - IMPORTANT (just in case if anything goes wrong)
  2. I would remove the script from the mission (delete the script folder found @ /scripts/taw_vd)
  3. download the latest version from Armaholic
  4. copy the taw_vd folder back into I&A mission, into /scripts/*paste here* (alongs side BTC stuff, eos, etc)
  5. try it out in editor or pack the mission into the pbo and run in locally or on dedi server


From the top of my head, that could/should work, unless something else was done mission-wise that is removing the action from the client.




tawvd_disablenone = true;

is found in initPlayerLocal.sqf and not in init.sqf (as originally in the script).

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