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GTA 5: a bit of confusion and disappointment.


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Yesterday I robbed my grandmother for her favorite cozy armchair and sold it on the ebay for the money enough to buy GTA 5.


- Joined AW

-Tried to join team (failed) x5 times

-Tried to join friend (failed) x 3 times

- Joined the public with 25 people. x100 times

- Every moving creature is trying to kill me with some serious weapons. x100 times

- 10 minutes later everyone leaves the server. x100 times.


GTA 5 doesn't like me.  :(

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StoryLine is very fun tho.


Franklin's new house:2015-04-23_00001_zpsglnckwed.jpg


Franklin meets his next door neighbors.

"I just walked in to say hello to my new neighbors and this mighty guy for no reason went "I'm going to put you into a hospital!"



hmm... well he failed... [my guess he is being just a racist]


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It usually works if you go through the social club!


- Press [Home] 

- Go to Social

- Go to Crew Members and find the one you want to join

- Add him as friend and make him accept

- Go to Home and press Join Game below who ever you want to join 


Hope that helps. It is a lot simpler then it looks XD

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