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69thID Thanks you!

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On behalf of the 69th Infantry Division i would like to thank the Dev's for the Invade & Annex PBO's and hard their hard work! 


We have been running an I&A server for just under a year now and with great success at that. We currently run a public server with no modifications other then the few added scripts for earplugs and the sort. We left all credits on our in game load mission to your development team. we obviously tweaked it here and there and added our own flavor to the our server but is very much still your original product. I have changed things such as the base layout.


We are currently floating around 100 - 116th ranked on game servers and at one point topped 98th spot. We are also running infastar for our anti hack program and use EPM RCon as our "afk" tool. the two combined offer a pretty intensive level of control for our admins. 


We honestly love and respect the work you do and should have sent this message to you sooner but have been busy in the trenches trying to tweak our servers to appeal to our/your fan base. so far we are extremely happy with your product and always look forward to seeing the updates.


I would like to invite your team to come check out our server or pop into our TS channel. (Jennex/LuNaT1k) would be the contacts. I hope that what we have done with your product in the customizing side of things does not offend your initial work. We make it known to our members and public players that all we did was move things around and when ever a public player thanks us for our stuff we always point credit towards AW's team! 


Thanks again to your team and keep up the exceptional work! 

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