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Rainbow Six: Siege - Some Epic Action


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Im a bit alarmed after watching a impression video of this game.


How the game has a identity crisis trying to many games at once with all sorts of features from best selling shooters, which seem to be undermining

the history of the rainbowsix franchise and i agree after seeing the video demonstrations of these subjects. Not too optimistic about radical changes

after experiencing the supposed "alpha" and "beta" of the evolve, which is really trash game in the end with lot of potential.

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I personally think it's an awesome change back to the style of classic Rainbow Six. I like the whole online hostage takers vs Rainbow aspect as well. It's interesting and brings a breath of fresh air to the franchise. Definitely better than that Rainbow Six: Patriots thing they showed a few years back. 

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Looks good so far, maybe a bit of a visual tweak, most of the clips look dated like and flat / cartoony looks like Counter Strike or other FPS games from 5 or 6 years ago,


and from a few other reviews I watched could also do with being a bit more hardcore, do away with the team outline

and the heartbeat sensor can go too,

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