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(Idea) USS Nimitz starting area [Invade & Annax Altis/Stratis]



Hello everyone,


Since i've started playing arma 3 online, almost everytime I join the Ahoyworld EU1 or 2 server. I just love the way the map been made and that there is no end to it [unless server restarts ;)]. There for I really want to say my greatest appreciations to you creators for making these awsome maps!


I my selfe am also a map creator and love to make some awsome and great things. Never the less, i'm not that advances like these guys but i do like to make maps and pay a lot of attention to details. I just got an great idea and I hope that the creators of AhoyWorld would add it to there games Invade & Annax Stratis/Altis!!!



The idea I have is about the spawn locations of Stratis and Altis. It seems that we have a military position were we can gear up and move out. My idea is to remove these spawnlocations and bring it to the sea. How? By using the USS Nimitz aircraft carrier! [see link below].


With this I also advice to use the F-18 Hornet fighter jets. There are 2 types of jets, a one seater and a two seater, ideal for multiplayer! (Ps: these jets are designed for the USS Nimitz to use the catapult for takeoff and the hook for landing.)


Choppers can also takeoff from the USS Nimitz, so infantry players have the abillity to spawn at the aircraft carrier and beeing deployed on Altis or Stratis.


The only problem that does occure is were do we place all the armored vehicles? The most realistic sollution is by using the LCU or LCAC landing craft that can transport vehicles and armor over sea's. But that is were the creators need to look at.



Defending the USS Nimitz is the USS Iowa, a battlecruiser that have AA and AT support. The AA support is ideal for an enemy jet that is approaching. Never the less that we have F-18's in the air to provide the same thing.


By adding my idea to your Invade & Annax maps you create a more realistic gameplay of warfare.


So plz creators, take the time in looking at these mods and if you like my idea, find a way to add them to your games. This would make the game even more awsome!!!







USS Nimitz:

- http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=23049 

or an other aircraft carrier (not yet experimentet with it):

- http://www.armaholic.com/page/php?id=27648

F-18 Super Hornet

- (Cant find it at the armaholic, but it is in steamworkshop, created by John Spartan's)

USS Iowa:

- http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=27109

Landing craft LCAC:

- http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=26632

or Landing craft MK10 LCU

- http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=27758


Ps: If you need any help installing these mods or getting the right version, just let me know and i can send them to you!


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Sorry to say it GrandBravo but this not really good idea for EU 1 and 2 servers because both of EU servers are aimed at vanilla ARMA players, plus if we "Core and dev staff of Ahoy" will introduce mods to the EU 1 and 2 servers then it will create a problem because it could lead to abandoning of both of the EU servers.


In addition, there is an implementation problem of this mods to work with each other without problems such as: spawning, locating, takeoff and etc.

Also, it can impact on overall gameplay aspect of the server.


However, this could be added to the EU 3 modded server :). Then we can attack main Chernorus army base :)

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Unfortuetly ducky is right, for eu1/2 it would spoil the mod free vanilla gameplay most who play there actualy like. For the eu3 modded it could work, but it is against what we are trying to achieve at this time. Eu3 we are aiming for infantry combat, and some members already have voiced that we use choppers way to much for nearly every AO. Putting the main base of the NATO on a aircraft carrier would cause us to have no choice but to use choppers.


The idee could work if we move jets and attack choppers to the carrier, forcing CAS elements to spawn and ultimatly take-off from a different base then our main HQ. But this would keep transport choppers available on both the carrier (for ferrie service to main HQ) and the main NATO HQ (for Evac or Medivac choppers).

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It always depends at what angel you look at DakimDragco. For example: we can use a ship to spawn only jets and attack heli or we can host entire NATO base there or we can use it in completely different way. Possible uses are almost endless.

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Hi guys,


Thank you all for your quick reply's! I'm sorry that i'm so late, didn't get a notification of some sort.


I understand the conserns and I also was thinking of a new EU server. I wouldn't want the EU1 and EU2 server getting ruwend because it containing mods.


Not to alarm you guys, but i've all ready started some edditing. I've downloaded and changed the mods so that they work. The Nimitz can launch the FA-18 like it should, and all the mods i'm adding are working. Be in mind that i'm watching the amount of mods i'm using because i dont want to use to many.


Tougheter with some of your scripts i'm trying to make some sort of an Ahoyworld map. At this point i've got the revive script figured out and working, i've got a VAS system that is not the same like your's (ASORGS), i've added a construction script that works as well but needs some changes (R3F_LOG) and i've added/eddited the supply crate script so that different containers spawn that a Gohst Hawk can lift.


I'm planning on making this map work and if it all does, I would like to send it to you guys for testing and opinion. and maybe if possible that you guys want to launch it on one of your (new) servers. A solution for the mod pack can be like: Download one folder from this site or the armaholic site.


Further more, at this moment i'm bussy with getting the spawn systems working and figuring out some new side missions like:

- Construct a base:

Build a base that conains a Medical Pod, a Fuel Pod, a Armory Pod, etc etc and keep it guarded at all time.

(this is because vehicle transport from a ship is not possible. Its to high of a risk for all player to know how those things work, and you can fuck it up really bad.)


- Hostage:

Rescue your comerad that has been taken prison by the enemy!

(If a player dies and an enemy gets within (lets say) 5 meters, the player who was waiting to get revived by his buddys suddenly spawns someware tight up as a prisinor. His mates have to safe him or he will get executed).


Again thx for reading, and hope to hear form you all soon!!!

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