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That time I bought Assetto Corsa


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try some of the mods for apps like split time, racing position / lap time apps, track map, and for online there are essentials like radar & spotter that call when a car is passing etc, tyre temp 




the site is the main host for alot of the main online events, and map & vehicle mods too 


also try editing your settings for the controller until you get a wheel


or try this one it slows / smoothens out the stick so less twitchy sudden left right sawing at the wheel animation https://www.dropbox.com/s/03x96waqw7704w4/Custom%20Xbox.ini?dl=0


put it in your documents folder for assetto corsa similar to below and select it as a controler profile in game


C:\Users\*username*\Documents\Assetto Corsa\cfg\controllers\savedsetups

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-F11 Mirrors (gives a fixed and centered RVM, good for all those racecars that have not much of a view)

-Trackmap App (gives a trackmap and dots on the map denoting your and other cars)

-MiniApps  (fuel, tiretemps, PersonalBest,lap, time in session remaining,...)


Thats all you need in basics, if you want more immersion, then :


-RealHeadMotion ( tries to replicate physically correct motions of the head in a car, very versatile and easily and variedly setup)

-VisorX (overlay with different helmet/visor designs)


AC is great fun and even better with some mods in place .

Looks can also be enhanced either via "Natural graphics mod" and/or various GFX mods and different custom-made PP sets.


Have fun racing

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