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DCS Flight Night: Sat 11/04 1800BST


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This flight night brings us to near combat operational levels


A supply convoy has been spotted moving near the border... Further details to follow...


Our Agent in the field, code name: baby devour-er has discovered a large convoy of illegally shipped copies of GTAV slipping through the border via this bridge. your task is to find the convoy and stop it from reaching the hands of the poor internet connected. ALL HAIL GABE. STEAM SHALL RISE!





Sign up is not required but to guarantee your aircraft, sign up in this thread.


Universal Time Coordinate - 1700

British Summer Time - 1800

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it was good fun blowing stuff up. i spent some time looking at everyones attack runs on the convoys. quite spectacular :-)


...hoping for better weather next time, though ;-)





(drag and drop dosn't work so i used imgur.com instead...)





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