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Gamnight Sat. April 18?

Gamnight Sat. April 18?  

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  1. 1. GTA or ARMA

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Definitly in for it, might want to make a crew (Ahoy Crew) if it hasn't been done yet too, so we can all crew up and find each other. Also no idea how they will implement match making, on ps3 it is still rather random, and i dont believe you can choose to play with anyone specific besides joining a crew only lobby.

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Sounds good, depends on how they role out MP on it though on console it was limited to 16 per server


There are rumours of it being pushed up to 32 people on pc, but Rockstar haven't said anything yet. We can only hope!


The PC version will have 30 playable slots and 2 spectator slots. Just like the current gen consoles.

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I actually have a game night mission ready,playtested and functional, although I have to check how it performes under the new update. If it all Works before saturday We can do it the 11th. If not, its plannd for another time.

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