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Ingame Name: HybridRage

Why do you think you were banned?: I was banned because i was in a pilot slot and not flying but joining a humvee convoy to the objective

Why (in your personal opinion) should your ban be lifted?: The commanding unit told me that they don't need air support and that when people die there will be another convoy, because the convoy was leaving shortly i didn't switch slot. + there were only 10 people on including me so there were as many ground units needed.

Which administrator banned you?: Muckduck and Zissou

When were you banned?: 5.4.2015 1:04 pm

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Who was in command? I'm sure they would've held the convoy considering it takes a long time from planning to execution.

Always play your role, if air support isn't needed you have to switch slots or sit at base and wait, those are your options. Pilots can't run around on the ground, sorry.


1 week in duration for your ban

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There was no actual command, but the leader was boogieman(I think). I was afk before and remembered I was a pilot while I was in a driver slot still at base 1min before leaving so I didn't bother changing. But I'm ok with waiting 1 week.

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