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Gamenight: 4th April 1600UTC


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Ahoy der fellow EU3'ers.  :D


Jochem and myself will be hosting a gamenight on the 4th of April at 1600UTC (4pm UTC)


The basic plan:


There will be 3 towns and all will be heavily defended and somewhere in the mix will be an officer. We must find the officer, kill him and take his Intel. The Intel will lead us on a new mission, that mission I will keep a secret...  ;)


There will be some twists in the mission here and there due to the mighty Zues.


I will be acting as PLTCO on the mission with Jochem and I also doing Zues.



To sign up for the gamenight, please sign here:



Click me!



We will be allowing arsenal during the gamenight but we ask that you get a loadout ready as we will not be waiting around, anyone who disobeys and spends the next 30 minutes at base decided which skirt goes with which top will be shoved into the AO without warning.



Hopefully all goes well and I will see you out there!

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Concerning the "have a load-out ready" does this mean we have to make one before hand or do we get 10 minutes during the game night to select one? I'm not too quick with the Arsenal so that's a bit of an issue and I'm super busy atm, I have to work before and after game night so a few guidlines wouldn't be out of place for me.

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