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Worst day in ArmA3 History, or just some really bad April fools?

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Point 1:





Point 2:





If both of these are true then this is a very, very sad day for the ArmA3 community. But does this mean bigger better things are coming?


*Cough* ACE3? *Cough*

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Internet rumors has that ACE3 is coming, the heir to ACE2 for Arma2, which was _THE_ realism mod. As the lead devs for both CSE and AGM are now listed as devs for ACE, and some wizard traced the owner of ace3mod.com to someone who is an ace dev also it might just be that ace3 is coming. Which i have been hoping for since arma 3 alfa =P

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And so the question must be asked. With these two awesome Mods gone... What are we going to be doing about it on EU3? 

Inb4 TMR stop also...




luckily(in this case), nothing on the interwebs is truly gone. So not much will change for now.


The future of EU#3 modpack may hold some changes, like swapping out AGM for Advanced Cabbage Environment 3 (thank Farma for this). CUP TP will replace AiA TP. And other stuffz


Obviously none of this is definitive, and everything is subject to change(just like arma). But one thing is certain, when the timer ends, The world as we know it will change.



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