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#EU3 - "Rangers"


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When you see me running Charlie squad slots on #EU3, im generally running a "Ranger" unit with more different and challenging approaches to operations (from hot-airdrops to recon and support), so if you are interested hop-in to Charlie squad slots and join me, but there are some conditions.


Conditions :


Be able to operate without a backpack. I have personally done the loadouts (without OP vests) and every class is more then able to carry enough ammunition and grenades for the purpose to avoid fatigue. Rangers operate with single use launchers to combat enemy vehicles (light weight only [NLAW, AT4 and RPG26] pending what class/heavy you are).


Each member is to carry 1 epinephrine, 1 bloodbag and 3 morphines minimum, on their uniform to ease medics work.



Note : Rangers will occasionally deploy through chopper landings, but focus reinforcing through para-drops and recover previous long range radio transmitters.


If you like playing this way often, can post on this topic and ill try keep the names in mind when i start running the Rangers.


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Well it will add to the games variations of how we take on a objective, cause right now we mostly go by chopper-bus. As for me, i kinda like this kind of low loadout stuff, and some of my loadouts can be pretty light and self-relient without being a 1-man-army loadout like seen in some videos (we all know who i mean :rolleyes: )


Sure i got some crazzy ones, with like a scope for each range, but count me in for some parachute(les) airdrops :lol:

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I wouldn't mind joining up. this would be more fun with a c130 or other para-drop-capable planes.

I'm curious how you are planning to stay in contact with command through long range(if applicable).

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I love para-drop squads, I used to run them often on EU 1 (last summer), Aside from the long range issue I think it would work really well and improve the game dynamic (constant heli ground insertions is dull) So I'd definatley be in. (just gotta re-hash my loadouts).



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