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New Missions for EU3

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Hey there!


I was hoping to put forward a suggestion for a different mission on EU3, I heard about a Convoy Mission type which is apparently a lot of fun. Or something like Invade and Annex... Its not that Gauntlet is bad or anything, but Very Repetitive and relies a lot on air support. 

Maybe something with a wider array of objectives, it would be amazing if the objectives changed with the amount of people online and roles taken(pilots objectives tailored to planes/helicopters or if marksman and spotter role was taken they could be stealth missions tailored for a sniper team, or if rifleman and medic or AT was taken a close range mission for a small squad based in a city with less tanks or a few tanks and more close range game play(moving through buildings and taking out infantry as you clear buildings, with random buildings having people inside them, and you get the option to either go stealth and work through the city or go loud and take like a defensive style, for example, make the school in electro a fort or something and take on waves of enemies coming from the buildings where they were stationed))... I know this would be a very very long shot, and would take forever to make from scratch... I'm not asking for it, just saying it would be a cool idea... 

back to the point, I digressed a lot there into theory. 

Anyway let me know what you think and if people like the idea of different missions and what you think will work. :D

Elevation OUT!

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There is a feedback section to post suggestions, bug reports and such, for gauntlet.



Most missions don't require much air support as you might think, it comes down to mission planning and execution.

When only few people playing, then air supports becomes more dominant and people are occasionally reluctant to drive

 armored vehicles to the AO anyway.


I personally mixed my gameplay by starting the Ranger squad to para-drop in to hot zones, as well the occasional recon op.

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I&A can`t be ported to any custom map due to one function that checks that only Altis or Stratis are used.


Transport & Ambush needs a sufficient amount of players (15-20) to be propery played and not boring.


As for other missions, it`s hard to make perpetual missions, needs a lot of scripting, meaning Christiansen and Bacon are putting a lot of their time in it. As the mission will reach as stable or suitable development, it will be ported to other islands/maps.


You can create your own missions as well, we occasionally play short PvP or Coop missions during the week or weekend.

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Yeah, I realised when I finished posting this thhat I had popped it in the wrong section. Sorry about that, if possible. Could a mod move it? As the feedback on this has been informative thus far, and I'm sure that it will be to others who are interested.

I had heard there was an already mostly complete mission that was removed from the map for some reason which was really good fun? Was this the transport and ambush mission or is it different?

<blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="FrOzT" data-cid="24231" data-time="1427620753"><p>

no feedback or rant or anything..but i just cant wait for a stable build on other maps..that shit's gonna be fun!</p></blockquote>

Yeah, I should add that this is definitly not meant as an rant or anything, also I'm not saying that this comment is saying that ;), its a great mission, but I just would like to see more variation. And I had heard from others about really cool missions that had occured previously! ;)

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