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Mercedes will finally feature in ETS2!

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That's right you sexy bastards. Mercedes is FINALLY coming to the ETS universe. I've waited a long time for this one, if truth be told. Good to see the finally added a sat-nav in the bloody thing as well.



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I`ve seen the news yesterday, it`s amazing, finally MB is appearing in ETS with one the most handsome trucks out there.


I most anticipated how the interior is gonna look like and it`s amazing.


Unfortunately, it`s gonna come out after the release of Scandinavia DLC (meaning in next 2 months). I was kinda hoping it`s gonna be before that.

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Also stubled upon a community version of the day-cabs for the new Mercedez, called Antos.


Here are a couple of pics (haven`t fully tested it yet):





Also has it own 4 version of interiors (here is one)



If anyone is interested, it`s currently in beta (developed and updated daily), you can get it here: SCS forum topic

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Truck is available on public beta branch (1.18).


Minor changelog:

  • new truck - Mercedes-Benz New Actros
  • Mercedes-Benz brand is in the game
  • Improved vegetation (prefab vegetation distances, rebalanced vegetation LODs, more settings)
  • DRL (Daytime Running Lights) for Iveco Hi-Way, Mercedes-Benz New Actros, Volvo FH, DAF XF Euro6
  • new trailer skins
  • new radios
  • support for weather-based pedestrian spawning, support for multiple animations
  • modellab – drawing of bounding volumes, support for opening models from mods
  • over thousand minor fixes in models and in the map
  • "known issue: New Actross sfx still need rebalancing"


source: SCS Blog

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