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A new fish in the pond


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Hi all.


After playing for some time on the arma 3 servers ive decided to signup, so here i am.


Im 31 years old and live in the Netherlands (drachten, friesland province). I work as a cook in multiple restaurants and im the head chef in the "Buitenplaats" (capacity of 1200 pax maximum).


Since my first game-computer (nintendo 8 bit) i became a gamer who likes to play a big variaty of games. I like to play "sim"games, shooters and now and then racegames.


Beside sitting behind a computer i have other hobby's like: My fishtanks (i have a 200L. fishtank with 5 redbelly piranha's as crew), playing baseball (2nd base & shortstop) for HSV Phoenix, mountainbiking (time trials) and cooking (also my work).


Those who have seen me on the server know i like piloting. To be honest, its the only thing im not so bad at...practise (and failure) makes perfect.


Best regards,


Kees van der Meer aka Piranha

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